RAM V-Shape Base with 1" Ball for Rails and Yokes

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RAM V-Shape Base with 1" Ball for Rails and Yokes

Part No RAM-B-108BU

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The RAM-B-108BU consists of a 1" diameter rubber ball connected at a right angle to a v-shaped base. The RAM-B-108BU accommodates rails from 1.0" to a maximum of 2.1" in diameter. To mount the RAM-B-108BU base, place the saddle shaped plate on the rail then wrap the metal clamp strap around the rail and plate. Tighten the screw knob on the metal strap with a screw driver until the strap has a firm hold on the rail. The RAM-B-108BU is an alternative mounting base for Beechcraft airplanes with a “throw over yoke”.

Clamp Dimensions:
1" to 2.1"


Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum 

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size 

Included in Kit:
(1) QTY 6" long metal strap
(1) QTY 8" long metal strap
(1) QTY 5.5" rubber strip that supports the metal straps to avoiding scratching or marking of the rail 

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. 

Ball and socket size Product Type Material Vehicle Mount function Packaging
B size 1" (Holds up to 2 lbs) Base Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum ATV / UTV Handlebar/Rail Packaged in Poly Bag