RAM Aqua Box® Pro 20 Case, with Accessories

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The RAM AQUA BOX®   product line has been keeping mobile phones and devices safe for years. Now, with the introduction of the AQUA BOX®   Pro, you have access to side buttons and full use of the touchscreen. With a mountable case that is perfect for use on ATVs, motorcycles, boats and all other motorsports vehicles, your phone will be well protected and within easy reach. Weather resistant and splash proof, this unique patented design allows access to all side buttons on the phone while in the case. Are you one of those people that can be a little rough on things? Our PVC Vinyl screen is replaceable so if you start to lose that crystal clear appearance, we’ve got you covered…literally. Allowing easy operation of the touch screen while in the case, the compact and sleek design means traveling with your AQUA BOX®   Pro is never a hassle. Think an enclosure will slow you down? Think again. Send text messages, listen to music, take photos or capture video, make calls all while protecting your phone. 

Case Internal Dimensions:
Fits Smart Phones Up To 5.38''(H) X 2.8''(W) X 0.55''(D) (depth will flex)



> > Floats to prevent accidental loss of device.*

> >Features a storage area which provides buoyancy and is perfectly sized for a driver's license or credit card. 

> > Weather resistant/splash proof. 

> > Unique patented design allows access to all side buttons on the phone while in case. 

> > Replaceable PVC Vinyl screen offers a clear view of the screen, allowing easy operation of the touch screen while in the case 

> > Small, sleek form factor. Easy to pocket or carry along on your next adventure. 

> > Text, take photos/video, make/take calls all while protecting your phone. 

> > Optional standard belt clip. 

> > Optional safety lanyard. 

> > Lifetime Warranty!

Included with Purchase:
1 AQUA BOX®   case
2 Safety lanyard
3 Belt clip button
4 Belt clip
5 Cradle (attaches to RAM "ball-and-socket" mounts) 

High Strength Composite 

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. *This product is not recommended for underwater use. Depending on phone model and storage configuration, box may not float. Certain phones may require extra swipe pressure for full functionality.

Material Product Type Device Product Line Packaging Device Brand Device Model
High Strength Composite Holder Phone Aqua Box Pro Packaged in Poly Bag Apple iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4


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