RAM Secure-N-Motion™ Laptop Tray Security Pin-Lock™ Kit

Brand RAM Mounts
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RAM Secure-N-Motion™ Laptop Tray Security Pin-Lock™ Kit

Part No RAM-234-SKNMU




The RAM-234-SKNMU includes Pin-Lock&trade   security knob/key and flat side keepers for the RAM Tough-Tray&trade . The RAM-234-SKNMU offers the ideal amount of leverage to properly tighten your mount to prevent slippage in extreme vibration environments. With an emphasis on aesthetics and function, the included Pin-Lock&trade security knob is low in profile and only adds a small amount of additional bulk to your system when compared to the standard knob included. At a fraction of the cost of currently available keyed locking knobs, the additional peace of mind and tamper resistance comes at a very affordable price. The included flat side keepers allow for your laptop to close completely while in the RAM Tough-Tray&trade



Included in Kit: 
4 (QTY) Flat Side Retaining Arms
1 (QTY) Pin-Lock™ Locking System for Laptop Tray

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. 

Product Type Device Product Line Packaging
Accessories Laptop Tough-Tray Packaged in Poly Bag