RAM Dual Articulating Suction Cup with Short Double Socket Arm and Universal X-Grip® Cradle for 10" Tablets

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RAM Dual Articulating Suction Cup with Short Double Socket Arm and Universal X-Grip® Cradle for 10" Tablets

Part No RAM-B-189-PIV1-A-UN9U




The RAM-B-189-PIV1-A-UN9U consists of a dual articulating 3.3" twist lock suction cup base, SHORT length double socket arm, and universal X-Grip®   cradle for 10" tablets. The dual articulating suction cup base is an amazing innovation in suction cup mounting. With the ability to independently articulate each suction cup, this mounting base can be used in a variety of applications such as curved windows and surfaces. Included are extra easy access grip knobs, located on the back of the cradle for quick release of your tablet. 

The X-Grip®   cradle is compatible with devices that will fit the dimensions listed below. It is important to verify the dimensions of your handheld device with a case/sleeve/skin when determining the overall size. 

Cradle Dimensions:
Minimum Width = 6.25"
Maximum Width = 8.1"
Depth = 0.875"
Maximum Length (using additional supports) = 10.25"



High Strength Composite & Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum 

Ball Size: 
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size 

The "U" in the part number reflects product packaged in poly bag. 

Ball and socket size Material Product Type Product Line Device Vehicle Mount function Packaging Device Brand Arm Device Model
B size 1" (Holds up to 2 lbs) High Strength Composite Mounts with Holder X-Grip Tablet Aircraft Suction Cup Packaged in Poly Bag Apple Short Arm Galaxy Tab Active Pro
Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum Twist-Lock Google iPad (1st Generation)
Huawei iPad (3rd Generation)
LG iPad (4th Generation)
Samsung iPad Pro 11"
Sony iPad Pro 11" (2020)
Dell Transformer Pad
HP Venue 10 7000
Lenovo Venue 11 Pro 7000
Vankyo ElitePad 900
9"-10" Tablets Amazon ElitePad 900 G1
Microsoft Pro 610
Zebra S6000
Tab A10
ThinkPad 10
Yoga Tablet 10
Yoga Tablet 10 HD+
Yoga Tablet 2 (10 inch)
Fire HD 10
iPad (5th Generation)
iPad (6th Generation)
iPad (7th Generation)
iPad 2
iPad 9.7 (2017)
iPad 9.7 (2018)
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPad Air 3
iPad Pro 9.7 (1st Generation)
iPad Pro 10.5 (2nd Generation)
ZenPad 10
ZenPad 3S 10
ZenPad Z10
Venue 11 Pro
Pixel C
Nexus 10
Pro Slate 10.1
MediaPad M2 10.0
MediaPad M3 Lite 10.0
MediaPad T3 10
Miix 3
Tab 2 A10-70
Tab 4 10
Tab 4 10 Plus
Tab3 10 Business
ThinkPad Tablet 2
Yoga Book
Yoga Tab 3 10
Yoga Tab 3 Pro
G Pad 10.1
G Pad II 10.1
G Pad X 10.1
G Pad X II 10.1
Surface 2
Surface Pro
Surface Pro 2
Galaxy Book 10.6
Galaxy Tab 10.1
Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
Galaxy Tab A 9.7
Galaxy Tab A 10.5
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1
Galaxy Tab S 10.5
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
Galaxy Tab S3 9.7
Galaxy Tab S4 10.5
Galaxy Tab S5e
Galaxy Tab S6
Vaio Tap 11
Xperia Tablet S
Xperia Tablet Z
MatrixPad Z4 10"
ET50 10"
Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Galaxy Tab S7
iPad Air 4
ET55 10"

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