RAM Cessna Seat Rail Mount for Asus R2H

Brand RAM Mounts
Item #006573
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RAM Cessna Seat Rail Mount for Asus R2H

Part No RAM-131-ASU1




The RAM-131-ASU1 Asus R2H tablet, Cessna seat rail mount, is designed with a 1.5 inch diameter ball and socket system on a 12 inch pipe. With a twist of the arm knob, you can move the top of Asus R2H tablet mount to your optimum viewing position. This mount does not require any drilling for installation.

High Strength Composite and Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum 

Ball Size:
1.5" Rubber Ball Size

Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. 

Ball and socket size Material Product Type Device Vehicle Mount function Product Line Packaging Arm
C size 1.5" (Holds up to 4 lbs) High Strength Composite Mounts with Holder Tablet Aircraft Floor Mount Custom Form-Fit Retail Packaging Medium Arm
Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum