Handheld Mount - Quick Release Mount - RAM Mount

Brand RAM Mounts
Item #006566
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Handheld Mount - Quick Release Mount - RAM Mount

Part No RAM-120




The RAM-120 consists of a double socket arm, 2.5" diameter round base with the universal AMPS hole pattern and side clamping cradle that is designed to hold a large variety of electronic devices. Originally design for strapping to a lantern base, this mount can also be used as a base to strap to a round rail.



Cradle Dimensions:
Width range: Min 1.75” Max 2.75”
Depth: Max 1.5”
Height: No height limit, but the holder is 6” tall and the device used cannot hang below the bottom of the holder. 

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum 

Ball Size:
1.5" Rubber Ball Size

Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. 

Ball and socket size Product Type Material Device Mount function Packaging Arm
C size 1.5" (Holds up to 4 lbs) Mounts with Holder Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum Radio Drill Down Retail Packaging Medium Arm