RAM LED Spotlight Bulb Replacement PAR 36 9W

Brand: RAM Mounts
Item #007875
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RAM LED Spotlight Bulb Replacement PAR 36 9W

Part No: RAM-B-152-BULB




The new RAM Mounts LED Spotlight has been completely redesigned. We have integrated a new LED bulb that yields a brighter and more efficient light that enables you to add safety and lower power draw to your ATV, boat or vehicle. The weather-resistant body shields the 30-degree spot light LED bulb, which yields a wider and brighter range of light, from the elements.

This product is the replacement bulb the RAM Mounts LED Spotlight. 
It does not include the spotlight.

Bulb Specifications:
- PAR36
- 12 Volts DC
- 9 Watts
- 1900 Lumens
- Sealed Beam
- 30-Degree Spot Light
- Frosted Lens
- 4500K Color Temp 

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