RAM Tough-Box™ Console Box End Dual Drink Cup

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RAM Tough-Box™ Console Box End Dual Drink Cup

Part No: RAM-FP-CUP2

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For police, fire, and rescue vehicles, aftermarket consoles are usually all business. Well, a drink cup holder can be just as important as any other accessories and at RAM, their multifunctional design means they help get the job done as well. The integrated card slot is ideal for a drivers license or business cards and there is also pen storage. So, besides having a spot for two beverages, you also have a place for commonly used items. An internal and external version is available depending on your needs. You can place the cup holder inside the console box or use the external model and attach to the front or rear plate. Either way, you get an amazingly simple yet well thought out design ready to get you through the work day.


Holding Capacity:
6 (QTY) Pens
2 (QTY) Drink Cups, Cans
1 (QTY) Driver's License, Business Card, etc. 

High Strength Composite 

Part number reflects product packaged in clear clam shell for store shelf display. 

Material Product Line Product Type Packaging
High Strength Composite Tough-Box Console Mounting Solutions Card Box